The Libérate Foundation counts in the present with the family program that consists “in the growth of each one of its members with the finality of modify behaviours inside the family nucleus to favour the recovery of the addict, as so to provide tools that contributes to a better familiar dynamics”.

The application of the family program will be performed in agreement to tertiary prevention, where one or many members have suffered for prolonged periods of time an addiction problem.Last said, with the goal of applicating a program for the knowledge of addiction problems, and having a better control, a better problem solution and to obtain a behavioural modification to achieve a better life quality in this families.

This way, this program is based upon an intervention in an educational level that allows to work with the family members of the addict, covering the cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes, inside of an biopsychosocial esphere.

help those that conform the family nucleus and the addict is important a family program where the opportunity of gaining strategies and tools is provided to affront in an adequate way risky situations that may be presented during the recovery.

For the families is important trying to change the destructive behaviours and attitudes of the addict member, either because it hurts, social pressure (shame) or tiredness, and this way enjoy a good life and familiar dynamic


Train families with the goal of developing and modify competences in front of the drug consumer, and this way be a facilitator factor of the recovery.


  • Give a red of support abled to affront risky situations to the user.
  • Achieve a greater compromise in the recovery process.


  • Favouring an experiences and solutions exchange between families.
  • Share information that facilitate comprehension of general phenomena that companion the addictive process.
  • Make the family able to detect and prevent relapses.
  • Modify schemes that may favour the mainteing of the addictive conduct.
  • Give families elements to be prevention factors.


  • Obtain clearer and more elaborated methods for a better impact inside the addict population.
  • Take the Institution to a higher position inside the market, having an elaborated program and sustained by theories.
  • Greater vinculation of families in processes of rehabilitation of users.


  • Increase knowledge and evaluate role of family in the recovery process.
  • Enrich the model of the institution.


We believe in you and in your ability to transform your life, we want to help you choose the right path.