The basic interventional model for every single program is oriented by a professional team conformed by: general medicine, psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, social work, physical conditioning, specialized assessors and pedagogy professionals.

Program duration: 30 days. From monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm Objective 1: build recognition of the existence of a problematic substances consumption in the patient. Objective 2: encourage in the patient the acquirement of an active and responsible rolein its treatment process and its future plans. Objective 3: promoting lifestyles that make abstinence easier, and that make possible the social incorporation through ability and social competences learning. Objective 4: strength and support the family making easier the relation with the patient, and promoting the family as a protective factor.

Program duration: 120 days. Objective 1: to generate in the patient the recognition and coping of favorable situations of relapse. Objective 2: to achieve progressive autonomy of the patient in the organization and management of its social circumstances. Objective 3: to establish in the patient cultural, social, formative, ludic and sport relations with the environment. Objective 4: to motivate the patient to favour abstinence periods.

Model treatment success.

The model treatment success of Libérate Foundation and, therefore the recovery program, must be guaranteed thanks to the development of therapeutic personalized designs because the necessities of each patient are unique and require an adequate following to satisfy the personal necessities. This way are observed the difficulties and strengthnesses that the patient has, this is observed with the intention of adapting the treatment to the personal necessities coordinated by the implicated professionals, as well as the utilization of social resources that are presented in the environment, learning and coping of the individual. This way through the professionals a deep analysis is made of every single case, an interdisciplinary procedure is done through medical, psychological and social analysis of each patient to observe the genesys of the problem. The pertinent treatment for each patient and posteriorly evaluation of the progress that each person has had with the finality of proposing new strategies of intervention, or continuity of the treatment that could have been effective.


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