Fundación Libérate

Through our experience, we have developed the necessary tools to implement prevention programs of alcohol and drugs consumption, applied to schools focusing in children and teenagers.


Prevención estudiantes

Installed Capacities in Institutions

To reply the program in different moments and to ensure the impact of the program.

Capacitación Estudiantes

Student training

Taking wise decisions based upon truth and scientific information about retarding the age of first consumption.

Objective Group

Prevención Estudiantes

 Student prevention program

  • Drugs and alcohol prevention tutorial.
  • “I dare you” board game.
  • Free school project.
  • Life project (focal groups).
  • Diagnostic.

 Trainers schools

  • Can be presented in virtual or face-to-face classes.
  • In the face-to-face way groups of 15 people are made in two reality tutorial.
  • Virtually sessions of 20 people can be made in the webinar modality.
  • This tutorials have a duration of 30-60 min.
Formadores Prevención