Fundación Libérate

 The program is designed for businesses, institutions and organizations compromised with their workers and that have as a priority their collaborators well-being. The program seeks to meet with the requirements demanded by the law about psychosocial risks, stipulated on the Health and Security Management Systems on the Workplace.


Objetivo 1

 Truthful and scientific information.


Giving an intimate knowledge of population’s necessities and realities as a prevention mechanism of any kind of addiction.


Fomentamos la “Cultura de la Libertad”, donde el individuo, de forma responsable, consciente y ética, se hace cargo de sus propias acciones desde una perspectiva de responsabilidad y compromiso.

Programa de prevención y Riesgo

Prevention and risk program

This program has been structured from 4 axes that allow the organization and collaborators:

  • Having a better knowledge about addictions.
  • Comprehend how to prevent addictions.
  • Identifying addictions.
  • Know how the organization internal politics related with this topics work.

Prevention axis

Focused on informing and training collaborators in consumption and addiction topics from the universal prevention knowledge.

Eje de prevención
Eje mediatico

Mediatic information axis

Informing about the effects that different substances consumption may have over their bodies and their everyday life as the effects of tobacco over sexual desire and dental color.

Drug and alcohol internal politic formulation axis

We advise you on the construction of your internal politic about drugs and alcohol, in case of needing a new politic or the need of an update of the vigent politic.

Eje de formulacion